远离Mochahost, Never recommend

2020/09/02 20:12

Hello, all. Usually I rarely give negative reviews, but the MocahHost really really deserves it!!!

We host our websites on MocahHost more than 2.5 years from 2018 - window shared hosting plan - Business level. First paid for 6 months and then we upgrade to 3 years.

We switched to MocahHost because they offer a much cheaper plan and good guarantees.

It was normal at the beginning, we had a good review of them. However, NOW, we are totally DISGUSTED with them. We will NEVER recommend them to anyone else though. The worst service provider that I have ever saw during my 15 years experience in hosting.

Okay, let me express a few points objectively.

1. Hosting itself not bad, if to host non-business websites.

The price is really cheap enough. The speed of network is so-so , neither very good nor very bad. Downtime happened time to time, about 96.5%~99.0% uptime in fact.

Therefore, if people host small website or development purposes, it maybe okay.

2.Hell-like support team!!!

Cheap prices but really lousy support. It's really a nightmare support! The WORST technical support EVER!!

Hey most of the time talk to you rudely instead of understanding the customers problem.

They have templates like copy/ paste on how they are answering on your issues. Most of time, the support is a joke. You have to wait and goes through several loops of request and answer to get hold level-2 support. Late responses, sometimes up to 24 hours for urgent tickets, and they don't bother helping you, not even looking at your issues. Maintain a sloppy attitude towards urgent ticket.

They have level-1 and level-2 support team. Most of them (not all, just most, especially level-1 team) could not go straight to the key point of the tech problems.

If you submit a ticket for problem-A, "first round"(within first 8 hours) we always could not get the helpful reply, sometimes support would paste a standard reply or paste the informations from knowledgebase(even we said that we already read the knowledgebase and what we have tried) that obviously not reading our content carefully. Then we often have to descrpt again.

Then "second round", support maybe mislead you that you have to do other things first( please, we hope to solve the problem-A, not B,C,D or other unimportant things ). If lucky, after about "next round" you would get the answer but most of time, they would transfer to another level-1 support and then new staff repeat the "first round" again ( please, why not just read the replys in the ticket?! Even we already offer snapshots when we submit ticket, at this moment the another support would still ask you again for the snapshots ).

And Most of time! (not all, but really most), the problem is just a tech problem and could be solved directly in the server-side, but the level-1 team just not go straight to the key point.

Okay, However, time goes by. It often spent more that 24 hours with level-1 team and then begin transfer to level-2. Then the level-2 team often just use 5 minutes to solve it!!

So,tell me, why keep the level-1 team ?!

Just like other people's review: Ask them about why your site is/was down, they’ll tell you there’s no problem with their network. Ask why emails aren’t being received and they’ll say “check your spam folder” like it wasn’t the first thing a person with a half-decent brain would do.

More terrifying is,they don't offer a way for client to upgrade the ticket directly to level-2 team, even we clearly states the problem was urgent and hope to directly transfer to level-2. No,they don't! The f***g level-1 team still "try their best" to "help to solve" our problem via copy/ paste or mislead point.

On some urgent issues, communicating with level-1 team become just a waste of time.

This really frustrated us. We believe that "support" is also a important part of the services that we paid for.

3.Bad support for SSL.

In today's Internet environment, HTTPS become standard.

In a word: Before work in easy way. But Now, there is no way you can use that "Free SSL certificate" that came with your package! Unless the support team feels good and is up to help you, you will never have the https behind your domain name.

[First problem of ssl]:

MocahHost offer SolidCP panel for client. In the SolidCP, we can really easy to setup a free cert from let's encrypt.

Anything was fine in the first 2 years, easy way to setup new free ssl on new website and automatic update before expiration. But... I still cannot understand what happened ?!

In the last passed 6 months, this feature often broken. The SolidCP show that ssl was setuped successfully not in fact broken, if you refresh the page then you can see not successful in fact. At the same time, the automatic renewal of the certificate dose not work.

We submit tickets to the tech-team, but this bug happened again and again, not solved really ( just install the cert by their server-side ). and each ticket spent more that 48 hours... The level-1 support team just said the server and network is normal.

Remember!!! The website was down at that moment ( in order to keep safety we use HSTS, which most browsers will force use https until 1 year passed, therefore if the ssl cert not work, the website cannot be accessed ).

However, the level-1 team just hastily induced the problem into web.config or other thing but unwilling to provide direct treatment...

[Last but not least problem of ssl]:

In the myssl.com, we can see that if website use the free cert, which signed from MochaHost, will show the "Use an untrusted certificate, downgrade to T"( T is the lowest level ). This was quite fearsome!!!

4.Bad default configuration

PHP have not enable the Zend OPcache as default. When we submit a ticket to enable, the support team just completely shows that they don’t understand their server status and configuration at all...

I don't want to say more, check the snapshot pls...




( These 3 links are the same picture. The picture is relatively long, please zoom in and view. )

In the snapshot, you could again see the arrogance and ignorance of the support staff again! Really frustrating!!


[Uptime Guarantee]

Uptime Guarantee and NEVER Reboot Protection are shiny but in fact it just seems a lie when you really face downtime.

[Unlimited Resource]

They claim they offer unlimited domains parking, unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth, But they will not.

I know that "unlimited" is just a common promotional tool in the industry. But the reality is close to not complying at all.

We host 30 websites in MochaHost. But I need to explanation that, we just use total of 120MB disk usage(total! Big files and pictures we already host in other CDN provider ), 2 sql server database with less than 5000 records total. 3 websites for our business and others 27 just as demo-website or development purpose. Some of them just host several static pages...

Therefore, in fact, we use quite less resource of the server.

But the MochaHost complained many times about why WE host SO MANY websites and the tech-team were unwilling to help solve some problems...

[7x24 support and live chat]

please... when you really have problems and then use live chat way, you would known what happened... the same as others review.

6.Lack of safety awareness, rudeness, and disrespect for customers.

Due to the reason that free cert which signed from MochaHost will show "untrusted" in myssl.com and then in the solidCP panel, we can see that it support upload *.pfx directly, so we buy several paid DV certs in order to instead of the free ssls.

As result, do not work... Then we submit a ticket...

Finally level-2 tech-team reply that the shared hosting does not support upload cert by ourself ( ?! Okay, we accept this but why not to disable the upload enter of solidCP ?! )

However!!! Before level-2 tech-team reply, it took us much rounds again to communicate with level-1 team...

And the level-1 team require the password of paid DV cert. We explained to them that we cannot offer the password due to safety concerns and hope to get their understanding.The pfx file and password is Paid and just is used for production environment.

As result, no... No password, no way to solved problem.

To be honest....It is not a reasonable practice to recommend that customers give up the paid certificate and use their untrusted free certificate, or MUST provide a sensitive password.

Very Rude and Insecure.

Finally, mmm... Many reasons and facts make us feel frustrated.

We cannot get the refund due to we not meets the "180 Days Risk Free" and "30 Days Money Back" ( because we use more than 2.5 years ).

Even though had 1 year remaining of our plan, we HAVE TO give up and already moved all websites to another hosting provider.

The above is all our summary.

It is undeniable that it has its GOOD side, however it still cannot hide the fact that it is a very BAD hosting provider.

Thanks for your reading patiently.